Michelle Moonstone

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Necklace made of silver 925 with semiprecious stone Moonstone.

"Michelle" is a jewel that will impress you with its beauty and its masterful construction. Crafted from sterling silver, this necklace is a high quality piece of jewellery that will retain its shine for many years to come.

The Moonstone semi-precious stone in the centre of the necklace is truly stunning. The stone is designed in the shape of a teardrop and measures 7x12mm, and the silver necklace further accentuates the sparkle and beauty of the stone.

Moonstone is a particularly beautiful and unique semi-precious stone, which has the ability to change color depending on the lighting, highlighting shades of blue, gray and brown.

* Precious and semi-precious stones may vary slightly in tone due to their natural origin.

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"Michelle" is a unique choice for those who desire a piece of jewellery that combines the beauty of nature with the elegance of silver jewellery.

The moonstone is known for its beauty and the reflection of light on it, giving a unique glow to whoever wears it.

It is recommended to store it carefully in its packaging and simply clean it with a dry cloth so that it always looks like new.

Chain length

40cm, 45cm




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