Selene Moonstone

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Necklace made of Silver 925 with semiprecious stone Moonstone.

"Selene" is a necklace that radiates with unique beauty and sophisticated charm.

Crafted from genuine sterling silver, this jewellery showcases the elegance and mastery of design.

The main feature of "Selene" is the impressive semi-precious stone Moonstone which is a centre of attention.

With its unique teardrop shape and shimmering texture, this stone exudes an enchanting charm.

But its most amazing feature is the changing shade that changes depending on the lighting.

From a frosty white in the light, it transitions to a shade with melancholic shades of blue creating a fairytale effect.

The size of the stone is 8×12mm, offering an excellent balance between subtlety and intensity.

Every time you wear this necklace, the Moonstone will exude a unique magic and will constantly change the atmosphere around you.

The stone reflects light in a unique way, creating an effect that is both impressive and admirable.

* Precious and semi-precious stones may vary slightly in tone due to their natural origin.

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"Selene" is more than just a necklace. It is a carrier of the unique beauty of the moonstone, capturing the eye and imagination of the observer.

When the light embraces this jewel, the Moonstone shows off its colour sequence, adding a mystical and enchanting touch to your style.

With "Selene" you can create unique combinations and show off your personality.

From formal events to your everyday looks, this necklace will add sparkle and distinction.

It is also an excellent gift choice for loved ones, demonstrating the sophistication and love you share with them.

It is recommended to store it carefully in its packaging and simply clean it with a dry cloth so that it always looks like new.

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