Tranquil Symphony

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Necklace with white and green semi-precious beads.

"Tranquil Symphony" is an impressive composition of contrasts and colors that will add a fresh and vibrant touch to your appearances.

The white beads add purity and elegance, while the semi-precious beads in green create a strong contrast and bring a cool feeling.

With a length of 34cm and 7cm extension, the necklace will flatter your neck and add a subtle sparkle to your ensemble.

Stainless steel buckles ensure durability and reliability, allowing you to wear it with confidence and comfort.

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"Tranquil Symphony" is perfect for summer, as the white beads reflect the light and add freshness and shine to the ensemble.

You can wear it alone as a modern and elegant piece of jewellery, or combine it with other necklaces for a more contemporary look.

This necklace will add a bright touch to any look, no matter the occasion.


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