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Stainless steel bracelet with decorative clasp.

Made of stainless steel, the "Patricia" bracelet is durable and keeps its shine for a long time.

The fairly thick chain creates an impressive presence and gives a harmonious combination.

The decorative clasp on the front of the bracelet adds a subtle touch of luxury.

With its sophisticated design, the clasp becomes the focal point of the jewellery and adds a touch of modern elegance

With a chain length of 18cm, the "Patricia" bracelet has the perfect combination of lengths to fit comfortably on your wrist and add a striking presence.


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Wear it alone for a simple and elegant style or combine it with other jewellery for an impressive stylistic effect.

The thick chain gives a sense of strength and confidence, while the decorative clasp adds a modern feel to the overall design.

The perfect balance between the striking and the elegant makes this bracelet unique and special.

It is recommended to store it carefully in its packaging and simply clean it with a dry cloth so that it always looks like new.


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