Sabrine Moonstone


Ring of Silver 925 with semi-precious stone Moonstone.

"Sabrine" is a stunning sterling silver ring, decorated with a shimmering semi-precious moonstone.

The moonstone is the focal point of this jewel, with a 6mm stone size, which radiates a unique charm and magic.

The moonstone is known for its stunning brilliance and unparalleled charm. Its colour exudes a sense of mystery and is necessarily eye-catching.

The glow of the moonstone reflects the light in a unique way, creating a harmonious play of colours and reflections that captivates the observer.


* Precious and semi-precious stones may vary slightly in tone due to their natural origin.

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"Sabrine" is truly unique and special. The combination of the silver colour with the unparalleled silky light reflected by the moonstone creates a harmonious effect that will steal the show.

Wear the Sabrine ring and let it show off your personality.

It is a piece of jewellery that you can proudly wear on special occasions or even everyday, adding a touch of charm and elegance to any occasion.

It is recommended to store it carefully in its packaging and simply clean it with a dry cloth so that it always looks like new.






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