Henrietta Green

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Rhodium plated Silver 925 ring with green zircons.

The "Henrietta" is an elegant and striking ring that will add freshness and shine to your style. Crafted from rhodium plated sterling silver, the ring radiates a sense of elegance and luxury.

The central element of the ring is a series of green zircons, which add a unique character and brightness to the jewellery.

They reflect light in a unique way, offering an impressive glow and creating a harmonious play of colours.

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"Henrietta" is designed with a sleek and elegant line, while the silver plating adds an extra sparkle and durability to the jewellery.

The green colour of zircons represents nature, renewal and hope, bringing a refreshing air to your look.

It can be worn alone to add a sparkle and vibrancy to your finger, or you can combine it with other rings for a more striking and sophisticated style.

No matter how you wear it, the "Henrietta" ring will steal the show and add a unique sparkle to your style.



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