amphitrite labradotite


Earrings of silver 925semiprecious stones Labradorite.

"Amphitrite" are made of high quality sterling silver, are durable and keep their shine for many years.

Labradorite changes colors depending on the lighting and the angle of view, offering a stunning variety of colors that makes each piece of jewelry completely unique.

Each labradorite stone is unique and different from the others, creating an endless dance of colours and reflections.

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The "Amphitrite" earrings can be worn for any occasion and will add sparkle and style to any look. They are ideal for everyday wear or special occasions and will enhance your style with their shimmering design.

They are lightweight and comfortable to use, making them ideal for everyday use.

Their length allows them to move and reflect light for an impressive glow.

The "Amphitrite" will add a touch of elegance to your look and will impress you on every occasion.





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