Constantine Gold

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Constantine made of Silver 925 Gold plated.

The gold-plated sterling silver gold-plated Constantinato is a product that combines the luxury of gold with the elegance of silver.

With its rectangular shape and double face, it exudes a sense of balance and harmony.

The size of the pendant is 15×11mm, it stands out for its detail and elegant design.

The carved design on each side of the piece highlights the artistic skill invested in its creation.

The chain is made of gold-plated sterling silver, adding a touch of glamour and luxury.

With a length of 40cm, the chain fits perfectly around the neck and allows it to be worn with comfort and style.

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The gold-plated shade of sterling silver adds shine and brightness.

The gold feel creates a classy and luxurious effect while maintaining the value and durability of silver.

The double face of the jewel offers an opportunity for two unique images and symbolisms to be captured in the Constantinate.

So, you can choose which side to wear according to your personal preference or sense of the moment.

It is recommended to store it carefully in its packaging and simply clean it with a dry cloth so that it always looks like new.

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